Really love the poem and [am] amazed that [it is] so insightful. The poem really meant a lot to me.

R.A. March 2003

I'd like to say thankyou for the dedication which you sent to me. I have been reading and meditating on it every day during the past weeks and can feel that it has healing power for me. I'm grateful for your gift and your willingness to share it with me.

P.M. June 2002

Thank you very much for the beautiful poem, you certainly are a caring person.

H.C. February 2002

We just don't have the words to express adequately how we feel about your beautiful gift to us. Thrilled, honoured, humbled, happy - all of these and more. It will be hung with pride ...

J.M. & B.M. May 2000

You are gifted in your writing, and I very much appreciate the poem you have dedicated to me ... I shall certainly treasure it.

J.D. July 1998

... thank you so much for the lovely poem you sent me - and more especially that it is dedicated to me. The words in each verse are absolutely beautiful. Indeed I have read each verse many times and nearly know them all "off by heart" now.

E.M. June 1998

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift to me from the wonderful gift you have within you. A joy to receive and heart warming at such a pivotal, unexpected time.

T.C. May 1998

Thank you very much for your beautiful poem - your loving energy helped make our Wedding a true celebration of love, and your words will inspire us to stay strong in our love as the years go by.

H.S. & C.S. February 1998

The lovely verse ... touched my heart - such a lovely and thoughtful and indeed special gift.

B.M. January 1998

Thank you for the lovely poem. I cried when I read it, and keep it in my heart.

F.G. January 1998

The beautiful poem that you wrote and gave me both moved and delighted me. I shall hang it in a spot where I can appreciate it daily and draw on its encouraging words.

H.P.-B. December 1997