Privacy Policy

XERT is committed to protecting your privacy.

XERT undertakes that it will treat all personal information provided to it in accordance with the National Principles for the fair handling of personal information, pursuant to the Privacy Act 1998 (as amended). If you have any questions at all regarding the collection, storage, use or disclosure of your personal information by XERT, please email us.

XERT may release information about you where there is a duty to the public to disclose that information, where we are required by law or where the interests of XERT require disclosure. However, XERT will not sell or disclose your information to any individual or entity outside our organisation or approved business partners without your permission.

Web Site

When you request information through this web site, we need to know your email address. We use this to send to you the information you request.

When you send feedback we ask for your email address in order to thank you for your contribution and request more information if required. If you provide feedback to us you agree that information shall be deemed to be non-confidential and XERT may use such information on an unrestricted basis.

We may also have general information on the use of our web site. This may include your server address, top-level domain name (example: .com, .gov, .au etc), the date and time of the visit, the pages accessed and documents downloaded and the previous web site visited. By gathering information about your preferences, we can tailor our services to your needs, likes and dislikes and provide you with better service.

The information that XERT may collect from you will be held by XERT and XERT's Internet Service Provider to enable you to access this web site. You may request access to and correction of your information at any time. If you wish to change or delete any of the information you have entered whilst visiting our web site, please email us.

These terms and conditions relate to the use of this web site and are governed by the laws in force in the State of New South Wales, Australia. Unauthorised access of this web site and any associated software is unlawful and may result in legal proceedings.