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One World Project

The One World Project was developed as an initiative of world peace for the new millennium.

One World Poem

A Gift for the World as One

Now that dawning is an Age where Man can be at peace,
It is of timely measure to invoke a spiritual feast.
And standing high upon the mount with arms stretched wide and free,
A reminder of the love of all He evoked so we could Be.

Remember so a younger time when you could dance and sing,
And laughter filled the afternoon, and all of life would spring.
And though it may be aeons since, the truth is ever close,
And just as time ticks by, it seems, this is the life you chose.

Regard the petals of a rose, and bees of nectar sweet,
Feel the running water pass you by in streams to greet
An ocean of such power rising up to meet a fair blue sky,
And listen to the birds on wing as they take to destiny nigh.

And focus, as you do at dusk, upon a bright new star,
And pluck it from the blanket, nestling plumb within your heart.
And now with consciousness anew, and focussed mind intent,
Envision for yourself the All of that which joy does rent.

Yes, you are a child at home in a foreign land it seems,
And homeward bound one beckons for the love one knew in reams.
Rest at peace, and standing below an outstretched arm,
Enfold yourself in love on high, and recognise the charm,

A pendant, which is worn akin to that which sacrificed the life,
Of One who came to save us from our very strife.
The Promised Land is waiting for us all as One to sing,
And rejoice in the loving presence of the return of our mighty King.

XERT Chinese Seal

Photograph of Earth