One World Project

The One World Project was developed as an initiative of world peace for the new millennium.


In all, 198 poems have been written, 197 individual poems dedicated to specific countries and their people, and the One World Poem, written for all.

The poems were mailed to the respective world leaders from Blackburn Post Office, Victoria, Australia, at 14:20 pm AEST on 19 October 1999, together with a letter of introduction.

It was envisaged that, by sending the poems together, their collective energy would spread a net of love and light over the globe.

The One World Project is a gift for the world as one, to help inaugurate and celebrate the new millennium, and one world at peace.


Letter of Introduction

Dear Friend in Spirit,

I am writing to you towards the close of the Twentieth Century to offer my love, light and peace to you and your people.

Please accept the attached prose which has been dedicated to your Nation. You are welcome to use it freely, as and when you feel appropriate.

This gift is one of many which have been sent world-wide as a personal initiative to help to generate a peaceful spirit amongst all Nations. It is hoped that we may together approach the coming Millennium as One.

It is widely acknowledged that we, as a people, stand on the precipice of a momentous event in history. The time is fast approaching when we will know the Universal Truths to which we have been submitted, a time also when we will be given the unique opportunity to realise the notion of the will-to-good, which is the vanguard of the 21st Century and beyond.

May love, light and peace be eternally yours.

In the Spirit of Peace,


XERT Chinese Seal

Photograph of Earth