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The Moon Songs are written at the full moon each month, when our conscious awareness is at its peak. You may find them useful in meditation.

Moon Songs

The current Moon Song for 2024 is provided below.

January 14

To connect with oneself and truly begin to know the secrets to life's mysteries is a blessing indeed. And there is no better time to look for guidance than during a full moon.

At this time the connection between earth and spirit is vital and strong. There are many hidden jewels waiting discovery. And the earnest seeker may uncover much of value.

Give yourself the opportunity today to be alone with your thoughts. Free yourself from unnecessary obligations, and take a moment to reflect.

You will soon discover that peace may be restored at will, and a greater purpose will reveal your destiny profound.

XERT Chinese Seal

Moon Songs for 2024 will be posted no later than 12 midnight AEST (GMT+10 standard time, GMT+11 daylight saving time) on:

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13 February
15 March
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