About XERT

About the Work

The projects contained within this website represent a portion of the works completed to date.

This collection of inspirational works is provided as a world service initiative to help engender a spirit of goodwill and peace across the globe, and thereby uplift and give positively to others. The internet has been chosen as the preferred distribution medium as it provides a universal platform from which the widest audience may be reached.

It is not intended that these works be claimed as literary gems, or that the author be renowned. Rather, that the seeker may find, amongst the various presentations, something from which to draw upon, and that the meanings behind the words and images may seep into a greater consciousness and strike a chord within.

May love, light and the will-to-good be with you always.


XERT Chinese Seal

Please note: XERT is not affiliated with any religious order or political group, and will remain independent. Whilst many of the writings make reference to God, Lord, Christ or Saviour, substitution by the reader of his or her preferred spiritual nomenclature is welcomed and encouraged.

About the Seal

This Chinese seal was designed exclusively for XERT, and is used to authenticate all communications received under the XERT banner.

For those interested in its English translation, there are two elements: one mouth on a field (denoting fortune and benefit), and ten eyes, one heart (denoting principle and virtue). The seal represents the name of the God who guards the home.

About this Site

This website is currently in its eleventh year of production, and, as at the time of writing, its fourth incarnation. We hope that you enjoy the new format.

For the 'geekish' few, we have hand coded the site according to the latest web standards, using valid XHTML and CSS, and have begun to incorporate accessibility practices. No javascript has been used (accept for the printer friendly page links, and these are optional). Instead, all our dynamic coding has been achieved using the server-side scripting language, PHP.

We are also long standing members of the Web Standards Group, which has a growing number of members from over one hundred countries around the world.

In the interests of usability, we are always grateful to receive your feedback, and will endeavour to continue to improve the ease with which all users may interact with this site. Please feel free to email us with your suggestions, constructive criticisms, or concerns.

Photograph of Butterfly

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