"The pure creative spirit always moves toward the future, and its works are vast in conception; although some people are ready to confine such to the limit of the concept of the day, nothing can hinder its onward march."

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Geofeat International - green, eco-friendly, organic directory

Geofeat International A global product directory of all things green, eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic, sustainable and complementary.

The Virtual Collective - one world and one humanity

The Virtual Collective is a Geofeat International initiative which aims to inspire the individual to think globally, and take action towards creating one world and one humanity.

The Virtual Collective - one world and one humanity

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Poetry and essays, photographs and drawings for the spiritual uplifting of humankind.

This collection of inspirational works is provided as a world service initiative to help engender a spirit of goodwill and peace across the globe.

Soul Reflections

Visit the newly added Soul Reflections for daily inner reflections on pre-dawn meditations. You may also comment on each entry as it appears in the calendar.

A Daily Message

Communiqué is a collection of daily writings which commenced 1 January 2024.

Today's Communiqué appears on the opening page, whilst previous entries may be accessed via the calendar to the top right of the page.

Astrology - Updated 2024

The Astro Verses comprise twelve inspirational poems, one for each of the astrological signs.

Your Astro Verse for 2024 (based on the date and month of your birth) may be selected from the drop-down menu.

One World Project

The One World Project was developed as an initiative of world peace for the new millennium.

198 poems have been written; 197 individual poems dedicated to specific countries and their people, and the One World Poem, written for all.


The Moon Songs are written at the full moon each month, when our conscious awareness is at its peak. You may find them useful in meditation.

Previous Moon Songs may be accessed from the drop-down menu.


The 729 Numero Rhythms, based on numerology, are comprised of birth, heart and destiny stanzas.

You may calculate your unique Numero Rhythm via the drop-down menu.

Personal Dedications

You may request a reading, which will be written exclusively for you.

Personal Dedications are confidential, and are a wonderful way to reconnect with your life's purpose. Please allow seven days for a response.

Read some of the many Testimonials received from previous recipients.