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A Daily Message

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9 November 2019

To overcome the obstacles in life that prevent one from becoming truly free one must begin the process of self discovery in earnest, and continue, despite the pain associated with growth. Consistency and dedication are called for here. One cannot climb a mountain if one is afraid of heights. Fear must be conquered before the benefits flow freely, before the all-encompassing view from the summit can be seen.

There is ever this distinction. Work precedes reward, and often there is a long, dry spell before such rewards can be reaped. Do not start this journey back to self with false expectations. Do not look for a quick fix. There are no short cuts to self knowledge. You deserve far greater outcomes, of a lasting nature, where you have the opportunity not only to discover hidden talents, but to live your wildest dreams.

Are you willing to begin this marathon, and battle long and hard to win the fight for freedom you deserve? Are you prepared to leave the past behind and test every fibre of your being, to stretch yourself beyond present limitations falsely set?

If you pause to consider the possibilities, the benefits of such a race, you will understand the need for commitment rare, and by merely thinking along these lines you have already taken the greatest leap of faith.

Continue onwards; there is only forward motion. Commit to your course, and envision the finish line of your race. Know that when you cross this line your true race will begin, and you will have the freedom earned to live out your dreams.


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