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A Daily Message

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8 November 2019

To know oneself is to be consciously aware of all that takes place in time and space, instantaneously, without fear or prejudice, without judgement or anger. And this appears to be easy to achieve at first glance because we have been taught from an early age to thus observe our surroundings using the senses five. And if one dims one's feeling nature, then the mind can justify a certain ambivalence towards events that take place.

But here we talk of a higher notion of engagement with the senses, where heart and mind are at one, united in the cause to radiate love and light, and yet remain composed, still as a statue, as silent as a mouse, and as reflective as a polished jewel. This accomplishment is significant and requires patience, and a perseverance few have developed the will to initiate.

But time will prove man well suited to this art, and proof of effort will be forthcoming. Today is the very day to begin your quest. Start by observing with your heart, and loving with your mind. Practice this new concept at every moment, when you engage your senses, so that you may contribute to the day's events something of yourself. Take nothing, just be. Rest still in the knowledge that there is an untapped well of endless flow springing up from deep within your core, and this spring will nurture you unconditionally evermore.

Do not use your mind to think, or heart to express emotion. You have moved beyond the basic building blocks of self expression to now reflect a higher state of consciousness. Rejoice in this newfound state of being and you will begin to know your true self, and realise your timeless dreams with ease.


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