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A Daily Message

Today's Communiqué appears below, whilst previous entries only may be accessed via the calendar to the right.


7 November 2019

Greet each day with joy and laughter. Be yourself and express your thoughts. Feel free to be at peace and content with what the moment offers, for there is nothing more powerful or empowering than the acceptance of oneself in present time.

The sun may shine and birds may chirp, music may permeate the air. Whatever your environment presents, may it nurture you there. Give yourself a set of tasks to accomplish realistically. Rejoice in their completion and spoil yourself with pamperings which know no time and have no limitations within view.

Each and every day can be new and fresh and invigorating if you let go of expectations and flow with the energies of the moment. Plans are important, but never make them rigid. Leave room for improvisation and modification when necessary. There are so many possibilities which can initiate a desired outcome, so many different paths to take to reach a destination, and occasionally a path other than the one you may have initially preferred may take you to another place, far more appropriate and beneficial to your needs.

Embracing the present and allowing yourself to be guided, gently shifting course by a few degrees left or right, are conscious choices you will do well to make, and regrets will be none as soon as you break from the outdated mould of past limitations and self control.

True expressions of joy are never contrived but remain as elusive as the wind. Float on a gentle breeze and participate in this adventure called life. Drift with a consciousness at one with the universe.

Adapt your plans to suit the moment and free your mind. You will accomplish greatness when you leave the past behind.


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The daily Communiqué is posted no later than 12 midnight AEST (GMT+10 standard time, GMT+11 daylight saving time). An archive of previous Communiqué messages is available via the calendar to the top right of this page. Please select from any of the highlighted dates.