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6 November 2019

How to make the most of every minute is a perplexing question for us all. There is so much sloth and wasted time, and so much of life is repetition. And where is all the energy required to give impetus to the call?

One can start by listing all the essential tasks each day, carefully ignoring those things which do not contribute positively to one's life. It can be a real eye-opener to visualise one's day this way, to really begin to understand where the time does go.

If one is too busy to accomplish all that one would like, then something must give, and usually there are ample sacrifices which can be made which impact minimally, if at all. The same is true when one looks to purchase something new but does not have the space to accommodate it. So time must be devoted to clearing out the old, unused, outgrown.

Recycling is an art not well understood. But we all need to master such a skill. After all, our bodies are constantly discarding old cells to make way for the new. Time is just another asset to be wisely invested if we are to reap rewards.

Try to live one day in fifteen minute intervals, making note of what you do and how you spend your time. At end of day you will be amazed at just how much wasted energy has been expended, doing very little, and how little time has been devoted to creative pursuits which truly reflect your purpose in this realm.

Rectify this situation by simply reclaiming one fifteen minute interval extra every day. In no time at all you will be productive beyond belief, and you will find yourself that much closer to your destiny.


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