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A Daily Message

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5 November 2019

Originality is truly rare. So many expressions of creative flair emanate from thought, and so many thinkers have unconsciously tapped into the same source. But minor variations are always to be seen, since the idea, thus sown, grows according to the viewer's instrument so mastered, and is coloured by his brush.

The important thing to remember is that we contribute to the greater whole something of ourselves when creative juices flow. Ownership of creation, patents set in law, are outmoded expressions of identity historically devised for monetary reward. And whilst some form of credit is due to an artist or inventor, let us not forget that the idea back of the invention has been divinely inspired. Granted, oftentimes, much time and effort have been expended, but this has been the calling of such an individual.

Life does not owe you more than that which you attract. It is what you give that builds your character, and this, in turn, brings benefits your way, intangible often, but potent nonetheless.

Focus, then, on self expression, creation and contribution. Derive all sense of satisfaction from such acts. Support yourself, and be content to thus remain detached from your work and free to be a vehicle for creative spirit evermore.

So much energy is required when one seeks attention or recognition for one's work. Waste not this energy, but use it to continue producing, and enjoying yourself lost in art. A time may come when recognition is received, and when and if it does come you will be prepared, ready to accept such accolades without them adversely affecting your creativity. But when that time arrives is, as always, a mystery to all.


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