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A Daily Message

Today's Communiqué appears below, whilst previous entries only may be accessed via the calendar to the right.


4 December 2019

There is no test nor trial greater than the one which asks you to know yourself. And whilst this mission is of mighty scope, and many lives are thus embroilled in the unraveling of such a quest, there is no time to waste.

Take what you know, and piece together as best you can the fragments of yourself. Look outside of space and time and, with dedication, find a wealth of information with which to present your case. Make this thesis your life's work, and you will begin to so embrace the universal truths to which we dance and sing. You will become the maestro of the orchestra of light, and before too long your destiny will be in sight.

Do not confuse your journey with facts and figures from a finite world. Look beyond the known and illusionary tales of old to that which is yet to be, to what lies just out of reach. Stretch your mind to encompass all that has yet to leap into your consciousness this life.

Make this effort and you shall break down the barriers of this earthly realm. You shall find yourself of timeless quality, immortal in the sense that you shall be entirely free to live and breathe as you desire, in line with your destiny.

To resist such tests as they present is foolhardiness. Accept with grace the tasks which are heaven sent, and once you thus embark upon your journey fair you shall see with clarity the reasoning behind your life as it unfolds.

What a joyous space to call your home, amongst your peers of spirit pure and heart aflame, burning bright eternally, of universal name.


XERT Chinese Seal

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