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A Daily Message

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4 November 2019

Take a look at the friends you know, the people with whom you spend the greatest time, your family members, colleagues, and others significant to you. Who amongst them challenges you to be a better you? Who is willing to be that unreasonable friend to help you grow?

A true friend will be honest and tell you things you need to know. Such a relationship may be hard, but ultimately far more rewarding for you both and your progress this life.

Beware the trappings of familiarity, of false comfort gained by associations with others who encourage you not to change, who like you just the way you are. Many relationships are going nowhere, and merely support the notion that neither party wishes to grow. They are bound by fear and an inability to let go.

Break free from the ties that bind. Do not stifle another's future. Move through life with confidence and realise that true friends come and go, each serving a purpose greater than companionship and the regurgitation of memories old.

Why should you be limited to friends and family you have always known? Think of all the millions of people you have yet to meet, a friend who may be more appropriate for now, who can help you move to the next step on your path and journey forward.

You will only serve to hold back each other's growth if you hang on desperately to a childhood friendship thoughtlessly. Challenge yourself to be the all you can. Think big, and of endless span, and you will find a world of friendship awaiting you at every turn, helping you to be free.


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