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A Daily Message

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3 December 2019

What does it take to wake a people from earthly slumber long? What rhyme will strike a chord with one and all, and give song to the heartfelt needs within? Is it possible to find a universal song to sing?

If we but knew our past, the time before our birth, we would, as a race, know the truth, and have confirmed, that we are of the same stock, our origins are thus the same, and we would know that ours is the task to rename this quest for freedom, and make it so for all. We would, with ease, recall the mission accepted and accomplish it with gall.

In actuality we are on a higher spiral home. We seek to thus return at once from where we've come, but in so doing, to dwell not on the past, when consciousness was dim, but rather to embrace the essential livingness of pure spirit so within.

We are all one, have always been, and shall remain so on into the distant future unbeknownst to all but the few who, through sacrifice and hard work, have earned the privilege of insight rare. All that changes as we venture forth, with flair, is our collective recognition of progress on the path, and an increasing awareness crystal clear.

Be not disillusioned by fear. Continue boldly onward and share in all ahead. Be the fearless warrior of love instead. When the end of time has come you shall know your name, and joined in celebration with your fellow man, the same, you shall attain the height of heights, and from that lofty place shall you rest in peace and joy unerring to the last.

But until that time know that there is much to do, and that history's page will be written by the likes of you.


XERT Chinese Seal

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