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A Daily Message

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3 November 2019

There are so very few moments in one's life when one can truly say that experiences profound have laid the foundation for the way ahead. Ordinarily one's life is routinely lived, where an ongoing cycle of daily events keeps one on the treadmill of predictability.

Those odd occasions when one finds a new and different path are oftentimes traumatic events relating to ill health, loss and death, events which serve to abruptly jolt one from one's waking slumber to change one's course and begin afresh with newfound clarity and purpose.

But if we stopped to realise that such changes thus imposed were merely enforced upon us to help us grow, and if we took responsibility, instead, for our own lives, and acted upon the earlier, subtler hints, then the need for such drastic measures would subside, and we would make progress rare.

This is not to say, of course, that ill health or loss would be avoidable, but the impact of significant change would be more manageable and consciously understood. Flow with life and change becomes a friend, ably working with you towards a fruitful outcome, day by day, to help you thus achieve your destined purpose.

Welcome the odd and different, make the most of opportunities. Do not accept a life of monotony. Open yourself up to new experience, keep growing despite advancing age. Contribute your knowledge for others' benefit and you will learn so too. And when the time arrives for change of a more lasting nature, when transformation takes you from this life, you will be ready for this journey without fear or a sense of loss. Joy will be your companion eternally.


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