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A Daily Message

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2 December 2019

In the future, not so far from now, we will find comfort from the fact that the soul exists, without a doubt. And this will be a wondrous time, when man will see, with his own eyes, that all that was mistaken for reality will be cast aside to make way for an energy of universal scale so free.

Take a leap of faith and be open to the possibility. At the very least you will find greater purpose and a drive to prove the theory. After all, throughout all history there have been many new discoveries which would have been dismissed as lunacy many years before. You owe it to yourself to keep an open mind, otherwise you will notice a slow decline in your ability to change and adjust to the new, and this degeneration will be reflected in your vehicle and view on life.

Imagine, if you can, that all that your senses five derive from this earthly realm are but figments of your imagination rife. And then envisage that all that your higher senses inform you of intuitively is truth, reality. How does this unfamiliar world shape up? Can you wrap your mind around such a concept with ease?

Meditate upon this thought and you will soon begin to free the trappings of disillusionment and fear, and instead, move forward with joy and light abound. And even if you can barely sense the change, imagine that you have adjusted to it completely, in the now, and reaffirm this new belief, at every stage, until you find you have become the soul you always knew you were.

The power of suggestion is more influential than physical proof. The energy back of such faith requires no proof, and ultimately will show itself to be.


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