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A Daily Message

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2 November 2019

What does it mean to believe in something greater than oneself? How can anyone expect to relate to truths one cannot sense? Why should there be more to life than that which does occur in the everyday reality one has come to know so well?

These are valid questions, and in reply, personal belief is what distinguishes the individual from all others in this realm. But an egocentric view is based on childhood naivety, and those of us who place ourselves at the centre of eternity, and yet only recognise mortality, are guilty of short-sightedness and have failed to thus express their love and light in full measure.

Life and death are cyclical, and species come and go. A human being is not the ultimate form of self expression that we, as a collective unit, will ever know. To accept one's lot, and live one's life and die, forever gone, is a notion based on fear, and fear alone. Arrogance describes this sole belief.

There will always be greater accomplishments ahead, more growth and learning, and an evolution undeniable to bring us towards a destiny profound. To think that this one life is all there is, is a sadly mistaken view, and one which will become outdated rapidly.

Dare to dream of greater things than that which you have come to view as reality. Be prepared to accept a constant state of learning, and a deeper understanding of the truths as years go by. Do not close off your heart and mind to possibilities which have yet to become the norm.

There is still much to be discovered, and yours is the task to journey forward with courage and bold endeavour. Be open to the widest view, and limitation will never hamper your achievements; you will be free to be and do.


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