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A Daily Message

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14 August 2019

Walking passed familiar places, seeing friends of old, taking time to thus reflect upon memories of stories told, these pursuits are noble and make way for understanding new, but care must be taken not to lose oneself in history reviewed.

In order to keep true to self, to walk a future road, one needs to focus on the present deeds which must be sown. And whilst the reminiscing is sweet, and comfort soothing in the cold stark realities of life, naught of old can carry you through the coming years; all that's past is gone and serves for little, allays few fears. If anything, the past carries memories of a time when you were less than true to self, when you were half the present rhyme.

Enjoy the old, familiar moments but do not seek them out in the hope that they will somehow answer, in the now, those long held fears of yesterday. This is not how growth is spurred on at any stage. Truthfully, history may in fact be waged as a fool's paradise to lure one from one's destiny, deluded in a false sense of security.

If you were to take a leaf from this book of life, then rid yourself from all that binds you to the illusion of the past. Do not cling so tightly to records of the you, you have left behind so long ago. The hue you thus project today should be as clear as the day you were born, ideally, vital and healthy, of limitless energy, adorned.

What excuse can anybody have for filth and grime, except to say that one has consciously refused to climb the ladder of one's future and, instead, remained below, in a deep, dark pool of cells long since shed of old.

Touch base with your past when needs be so, but otherwise be brave and onward go.


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