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A Daily Message

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14 October 2019

In the time it takes to think of all the reasons why one should not embark upon an adventure bold, one could have leaped up high into the air and celebrated the commencement of one's travels anew. For celebration is what is called for in these troubled times, a joyful display of all that's yet to be, participation in the good that life does hold, an example of one so free.

Make a list, if you must, to convince yourself it's true, that there are more reasons to take the journey forward than there are excuses to stay put. Never before has there been a better time than now to break out from the vice that has us trapped in a world of material gluttony and illusionary tales. You will not miss the mundane or routine aspects of your little life. You will gain, instead, a far greater perspective, and will begin to feel truly alive.

Leave behind the mediocre, redesign your life. Learn from the past, express gratitude and gracefully let go of all that no longer serves you so. The greatest wrong doing is to procrastinate, and repeat negative behaviours which have caused disharmony.

Be the wise and loving soul you know within, and climb to the summit of your ability. Shine like a lighthouse in a storm at sea, and guide the weary traveller to safety.

There are no obstacles to your eventual success other than those lurking in your mind. Do you understand that you are not your mind? Grasp this fact as best you can, and take control of all the different aspects of yourself. Integrate these fragments into one complete whole, and take yourself forward evermore.

Your life is out there waiting for you patiently. You haven't really begun to live until you are entirely free of your training wheels. Take a risk and live!


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