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A Daily Message

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12 November 2019

Where does inspiration come from? Can it be bought and sold? Who has ownership over works completed bold? There are so many questions which may be pondered long and hard, but few, if any, answers will be forthcoming unless one ploughs headlong into the act of creative participation in one's life.

The more one questions destiny, the less one achieves of one's destined course. And the less one achieves, the less incentive and motivation is available to spur one on to greater heights. Unnerving as it may be to trust the intuition and go with the flow of that which oftentimes appears contradictory to logic, it is one's courage that needs to be developed, and which, at a later stage, will be required in full measure, without question.

Whilst you have a skerrick of inspiration use this energy positively to mount a challenge personal. Embrace the difficulties of a path which leads you to your true destiny, and muster all the will from deep within to stay the course.

Do not waste a moment in hesitation. Do not ponder upon that which cannot be solved. Resist the urge to give up in a mad disregard for truth. Understand the road you've travelled to this point has been just, and proof will come with wisdom, silent and patient in the wings. And ultimately you will reflect upon a time long past, and sing the praises of your efforts to stand true.

There is no wasted time spent moving forward. Utilise your creative talents and develop the composure necessary to carry you during troublesome times. Accept that facts are short-lived, and all that remains throughout eternity are the universal truths that have set you free.


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