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A Daily Message

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11 November 2019

What is there to be learned from the so-called news? What guarantee of accuracy is given? And how relevant is yesterday to the now that is?

If one spent each day consumed by newspapers and television, thoughtlessly embroiled in the activities of the past, what would happen to the present? When would one wake from slumber to realise that the past, relived in the present, was responsible for a future dull and lifeless, without cause for celebration?

In truth, there is no news more worthy of attention than that which takes place in the now, from exactly where one stands in present time, where each moment is lived consciously in rhythm with universal flow.

Cease this idleness and passivity. Reclaim your life and make the headlines each and every day. Do that which needs be done to breathe each breath with determination, and a dedication to a cause you value highly. Contribute something of yourself to others each step of the way, and believe in the positivity that results, come what may. There is nothing to be gained from dissecting other people's news. Only a sense of futility and procrastination brews.

Further down the track, when you reach the end of this incarnation, you will only have a small collection of memories with which to total your contributions rare, and these will not be written in the news anywhere. As hard as you try to find a line or two within the flimsy pages of a rag ephemeral in nature, your search will be left wanting, unless, today, you act on your intuition and actively participate in life and make each moment count. Look ahead, forget the past, and shout for joy as you befriend yourself.


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