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A Daily Message

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10 November 2019

A light source can be many things, the sun leaps first to mind, then there are the man-made hues of light which require various sources of power uniquely defined. A fire provides intense light, especially in nature. Fireworks and lightening give spectacular displays. But without the gift of sight we would not appreciate any of these sources of light, all would be darkness, monotone, withdrawn.

But there is one source of light eternal which can be known by all living creatures here below. And this light crosses all boundaries, defies all sense of limitation, it goes beyond the broadest spectrum of energy. And this light is known to one who has transcended normalcy and achieved immortality. The light of the soul is dazzling beyond the scope of sight. It radiates pure love and light eternally, and dims all sense of that which is not truth. It brings into question one's reality, and redefines one's existence and purpose with such clarity.

Seek, therefore, the brightest star by searching within your core. Refuse to be blinded by the fantasy world of old. Stand true to your convictions and behold your brilliance evermore. Your light is at one with all souls and, together, the intensity far outweighs all external lights combined.

The unification of the light of your soul with all others gives a hint of purity of spirit divine. And this display is, ultimately, our collective destiny; to be consciously aware of our oneness, of unlimited possibilities, to move in unison towards a future where the highest good for all will be served.


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