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A Daily Message

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10 October 2019

Storing things for a rainy day, keeping them safe and sound, is a dangerous practice, especially as one ages. What you cannot use should be shared with others fair so that the cycle of give and take continues unabated.

The same is true of emotions, and anger held within. Signs and symptoms will indicate what is yet to heal and make its way to the surface for release.

There is no merit in pretending that everything is sound, no badge of honour to wear proudly indicating martyrdom. Instead the onus is on one's self to clear all blockages thus diagnosed to give every opportunity to be free to accept new proposals in one's life.

For whilst you hide your demons, and despite the sun's full rays, there will be rain aplenty on the inside begging you to thus erase the past. There is no simple escape, no denial strong enough to rid yourself of the pain you hold within.

The only way to win a victory of health and longevity is to let go of every skerrick of an outdated identity which no longer serves. And yes, it can be painful to let go to such a degree, but in the long run you shall win your dream of victory.

And sometimes all seems lost, and the dream too hard to find. Sometimes one cannot believe the possibility, beyond the mind, that one can have it all, health and joy and destiny, but soldier on and fight the battle; your freedom is the key.

There will be peaks and troughs for some time, but eventually, the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and you will bask in an eternity of bliss, and there will be no need for baggage or storage of any kind; all you'll need will be within you free.


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