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A Daily Message

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1 December 2019

Are there any aspects of your life which contradict each other? Do you have a tendency to give with the one hand and take with the other? Much damage is done when such conflicts are left unchecked; worse than stagnation is an ebb and flow that goes nowhere.

Try to observe, from a suitable distance, any such occurrences in your life. For instance, when it comes to eating, one may binge one day, and starve oneself the next. One may think the net effect is the same as that achieved by another who consumes an adequate supply of nutrients consistently, but this is far from the case.

One cannot hope to compensate effectively for a wrong-doing consciously entertained. Life is far more complex with regard to the interplay between opposing forces, and many mistakes are made by those who underestimate the oneness of the all that is.

Regulate your emotional nature. Justify your desires by openly and objectively confronting all the known issues that apply. You must learn to take responsibility for self, and then apply that knowledge daily, in all that you do. It is not good enough to settle for second best when it comes to a love of self confessed.

The answers are available, within easy reach, for anyone who wishes to make a concerted effort. Many centuries have passed since the lessons of love have been imparted, and so many of us still fail to understand them well, and have been unsuccessful in integrating the love aspect into our daily lives. But time waits for no-one, and now new lessons loom which ask us to engage our collective will for all.

Make haste. Do not remain behind. There is no glory in the past that you will ever find.


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