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A Daily Message

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1 November 2019

What does one do with an accumulation of wisdom towards the end of one's life? Are all the years of knowledge gained dispersed without a care, or are they transmuted into something of a lasting nature, timeless in their value, energetically imbued with an imprint unique to self yet useful to others so hued?

We all know that energy cannot be destroyed, and all the years of living on this earth can therefore be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge that all our lessons learned will be eternally available to one and all.

What we leave behind us when we depart this world is a vibrational memory of the essence of our higher selves, coloured by the personality display this life. And whilst the sense five cannot detect this energy, it is ever present and free to live and be influential evermore.

So what you do today will impact upon others down the track. History is written by this fact. And as you thus discover the truth of who you are, and begin to demonstrate this more clearly, year by year, your influence will exponentially extend further afield until it reaches the endless end.

Do not fret the end of life for the cycle knows no end, and you will continue to permeate this realm long after the physical resemblance of your inner self has faded into the distant past. Effects will be felt for aeons to come, undoubtedly subconsciously by many, unless your impact has been worldly, and then reverberations will be more consciously acknowledged. Either way, the significance of your actual existence will be known, and benefits will be experienced by strangers on the path.

Do not think of this short life as finite in the vaster expanse of all that is; it is but a part of the eternal now.


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